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Universal Nutrition - Hi Protein Bars Chocolate Brownie - 16 bars


Learn More About Universal Nutrition - Hi Protein Bars Chocolate Brownie - 16 bars

With the Hi Protein Bar, a new precedent has been set: the high protein/low carb (HPLC) bar. Hi Protein Bar is HPLC bar with 32-34g of protein and only 7g of net impact carbs. With a protein-to-carb ratio of nearly 5-to-1. For starters, the Hi Protein Bar tops the scales at 85g. And while many bars use only whey protein concentrate exclusively, Hi Protein also uses the purer, more expensive whey protein isolates in each and every bar. Plus, you«ll also find hydrolyzed whey protein, glutamine peptides, and soy isolates.But protein is only part of the story. Compare Hi Protein Bar«s 1g sugars to others. Some "high protein" bars contain 13g of sugars!Finally, a bar can be great in every respect, but without taste, it will never succeed. Some bars on the market have the consistency of asphalt. Others taste like they«re made of concrete. Rest assured, all of the Hi Protein Bars are soft, moist, fresh and delicious. With 20 key vitamins and minerals and its proprietary Hi Protein Bar Matrix, the Hi Protein Bar is hard to beat. Extremely hard.