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The Top 11 Natural Menopause 

Relief Products

Menopause saunters into the life of every woman when she reaches a certain age. Given the fact that it is just a phase in your evolution into snorlax, there is no all out solution to cure you of menopause symptoms and make your life menopause free. Don’t you fret though! Totally natural solutions to break free from menopause and provide relief are available along with the best menopause supplements and over the counter menopause relief products.

Menopause, o menopause! What art thou menopause? 

Menopause is a bitch that struts into your life around the age of 45-50, although this age can vary from person to person. Some might get it at 60, while others as early as in their 30s. Menopause moving into your life before it's time is called early menopause or premature menopause.  

Menopause is divided into three phases of hell. Perimenopause, menopause and post-menopause. Perimenopause witnesses your periods becoming irregular little by little and start to grow further apart. Menopause officially puts its stamp on you when you haven’t encountered a period in 12 months. Then your entire life is a pandora’s box of post menopause symptoms. 

Once the pandora’s box is opened a variety of menopause symptoms leap out and start punching, kicking and scratching every inch of your body they can reach, both inside and out. Some of these minions include hot flushes, night sweats, insomnia, mood swings, irritability, depression, low sex drive, dry vagina, fatigue, aching joints, and oh-so-damn-many more. 

So now that we’ve identified the bitch whose arse we’ve got to kick, let's talk about some of the totally natural products to help you break free from menopause and gain relief by achieving optimum arse kicking coverage. 

Black Cohosh - Relief For Menopause Hot Flashes

Black Cohosh :

A lot of research is based on the use of Black Cohosh or as it is scientifically called, Cimicifuga Racemosa, to treat menopause symptoms. Relief for the menopause symptom of hot flushes can be found in this wonder herb. It has also been found that it is not exactly a replacement for oestrogen as was previously believed, so you can rest easy knowing that your hormone sensitive tissues like breasts and uterus are ok. 

Black cohosh is considered safe for the most part. However it is advisable to avoid it if you suffer from liver problems. 

Red Clover - Menopause Natural Relief Product

Red Clover :

Red Clover also known as Trifolium Pratense, is one of the most popular menopause natural relief products among women, as it is believed that it's naturally occurring oestrogen might help relieve several menopause symptoms caused by hormonal imbalance and a decrease in the bodies production of oestrogen. However, the results for taking red clover to gain relief for menopause hot flushes has varying results and a number of discrepancies. There are a number of women who swear by its benefits. So give it a try and see if this totally natural herbal supplement helps you break free of the hell of menopause symptoms and provides you with some well earned relief. 

Dong Quai - Products For Menopause Relief

Dong Quai :

Also known by its pretentious alter ego, Angelica sinensis, Dong Quai has been around for 1200 years, working wonders to treat gynecologic conditions in Traditional Chinese Medicine. While the chinese swear by it and it's beneficial properties, clinical trials conducted have not really found it to provide relief for menopause symptoms like hot flushes. The chinese experts defended this by pointing out that the concoction created and used by them and the one in the studies was different. So it might have lead to different unsubstantiated results.It is not advisable for women suffering from fibroid or blood clotting problems or by women taking medication that alters clotting as it could lead to complications with bleeding.

Ginseng - Relief For Menopause Mood Swings

Ginseng :

A variety of research conducted on Ginseng, or Panax ginseng as it likes to be called in bed, is proven immensely beneficial in providing relief from mood swings such as irritability and depression as well as insomnia and sleep disturbances. It also could provide a boost to your mood and elevate your general sense of well being. 

Kava - Natural Break Free Menopause Relief

Kava :

Kava, also known by its stripper name, Piper methysticum, is a totally natural wonder substance that could help you break free from menopause symptoms like mood swings and provides relief from anxiety. However it has been linked to several liver related problems. So if you have a preexisting liver condition, kava might just not be for you.

Flax Seed - Natural Remedies For Menopause

Flax Seed :

Flax seed is renowned in providing relief from night sweats. It might also help treat menopause symptoms that exist on the mild side. It also helps balance hormones in women due to the abundance of lignans it is infused with. It's effects on providing relief for menopause symptom of hot flushes is as of yet, unknown.

Calcium for Menopause Relief

Calcium :

Menopause is the cliff your hormone levels drive off. Declining hormone levels can lead to an alarming amount of bone loss. It is of paramount importance to get the prescribed amount of calcium to ensure healthy bones and their smooth functioning. The needed amount of calcium goes up from 1000 mg to 1200 mg per day as you go from the left side of 50 to the right. 

It is recommended that you get most of your calcium intake from your food.

Vitamin D :

You might want to pair your calcium intake with a healthy dose of Vitamin D as it helps absorb it into your bones. Without a sufficient amount of vitamin D, the calcium you introduce to your body is rendered useless. 600 IU is the recommended dosage, with it going up to 800IU per day after you become 70 years young. While you can take Vitamin D from several dietary sources and supplements, the biggest source is the big ball of fire in the sky.

The sun is without a doubt the biggest source of vitamin D, but too much exposure to it can lead to damaged skin and various other health related problems. So it is advisable to limit sun bathing to the wee hours of the morning, and making sure you’re wearing sunscreen.  However, there are some studies that are suggesting that applying sunscreen can also decrease the amount of vitamin D. Foods and supplements might still be your best bet for getting vitamin D as it comes with zero side effects, contrary to the sun.

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Wild Yams :

Samantha Jones in Sex and the City 2 first introduced me to the idea of wild yams being used to relieve menopause symptoms. Since all of her supplements and products are taken from her as she enters the UAE, she is left to rely on totally natural products to break free from the menopause symptoms nipping at her heels and gain relief enough to enjoy her vacation. Her solution? Stack up on Wild Yams!

Wild yams are considered to do wonders as they are infused with naturally occurring oestrogen and progesterone that make for an alternative hormone therapy for menopause symptoms. This makes the pills and creams from certain species of wild yam really popular among women burning in the pits of hot flushes. You should keep in mind that clinical trials have not lead to any concrete evidence proving that wild yams provide relief for menopause symptoms including hot flushes. Although the word on the street is quite the contrary.

St. John’s Wort :

Menopause symptoms makes your sanity swing from the branches of irritability, depression and anxiety, suspended from the air by the thin chord of mood swings. St. John’s Wort aims to treat mild depression, a possible menopause symptom. Combining it with Black Cohosh has been known to improve mood and help stabilise mood swings during menopause. 

Evening Primrose Oil :

Evening Primrose Oil is without doubt considered the best supplement for menopause symptoms as it can provide relief from being roasted over the embers of hot flushes. Your body is a complex organism made of a delicate balance of fatty acids and nutrients that are essential to keep it working properly. Fatty acids like omega 3 and omega 6 can be introduced to your body by including foods that are rich in them or by taking supplements like evening primrose oil. It is of paramount importance to take a carefully measured evening primrose oil dosage orally or topically for dealing with menopause symptoms.

Evening primrose oil might also help with menopause symptoms such as weight loss, hormone imbalance, bone health, nerve pain, breast pain, PMS symptoms that resurface during menopause, eczema, acne and restore your skin to it's premenopausal health.


Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) 1000mg + Vitamin E

Some of the best supplements for menopause relief come in the form of natural herbal supplements. While the mainstream drugs are regulated with a fine tooth comb by the MHRA, they do not regulate food supplements. So it is important to remember that before taking any supplements, visit your GP and take their advice if you are suffering from menopause symptoms. Always take care that any new additions to your diet are compatible with your prescription medications, and maybe you can supplement your way out of your menopause symptoms.

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