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You Know What? Haters Gonna Hate And Quite Frankly They Can Do One.

Ok, I want to be clear on this before I go on my rant. I am not against EFSA (European Food Safety Authority). I get why it is there and I wholeheartedly agree with it. I believe that it is a fantastic structure for the protection of consumers from unscrupulous retailers promoting foods to have more health benefits than they actually do but I am starting to get seriously pissed off about the stupidity of how far it goes.

As you all know, Eureka provides only High-Quality Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements and because we spend probably 10 times more money on our formulations than 99% of our competitors, our prices are high, but what we have found is that our commitment to high quality means that we get results! 

What pisses me off is that when we receive positive feedback on our products we can’t display it as it would be classed as a health claim… even though we are not making it! 

But because our customer is, and we are in control of the manufacturing of the product, the label of the product and the publishing of the review; we would be in breach of the law if we put this customer review on the product page. 

 For instance, I went through a phase last year where I took our products off Amazon as the costs to be in the Amazon marketplace meant that we made a loss on every sale as it is so price sensitive over there… What shocked me and made me put our products back on to Amazon (Even though we continue to make a loss to this day) was when I received this message through the Amazon seller app and I realised our products were making a positive difference to some people's lives!

This customer was buying our turmeric capsules regularly and it had genuinely made a difference in the quality of life for his wife. I have no personal connection to these people, but for them to want our product so badly that they take action and write a message is huge and I feel that we have a moral responsibility to make sure that they have access to our products.

I know that the formulation we have in our turmeric capsules is unique and for some reason it works for around 50% of people which is ridiculously high in the “natural remedy” industry. But my question is... How many more people could we actually help if we were allowed to promote genuine customer reviews like this?

I mean, what bullshit world do we live in where consumers are not allowed to know that something has worked for someone else out of fear that if it doesn't work for them, then it has been misleading... THAT'S WHY WE HAVE A 30 DAY SATISFACTION GUARANTEE!!!

The thing is, this review is not unique! We have countless calls into our customer service department and handwritten letters praising our products and the experience of dealing with us but we are not allowed to ever tell other customers that even a percentage of sales have helped some people... 

Did you know that we regularly have things like flowers sent into the office from customers because they are so grateful for how their life is since taking Eureka supplements?! 

Do you get how huge that change in their life must have been to make them voluntarily spend their own money on a thank you, TO A FRICKING COMPANY! :) 

But under current law… we can’t promote this…. In fact, I am so worried about breaching legislation that I’m not even linking to any products from this post for fear of upsetting some government department who will claim that we are only writing this to “sell on fear” or “breach health claim rulings”! 

That's how bad it has become... there are UK consumers out there, in discomfort and potentially missing out on a better quality of life because we literally cannot say to them... "{product x} has helped some people, why don't you give it a shot? If it works great; if it doesn't then have your money back" ... It's stupid!

Word of mouth marketing has always been one of the most powerful ways of selling and I’m proud to say that my mum has been one of the biggest advocates of Eureka Supplements since she started taking our turmeric capsules.

In fact, she even convinced my dad (a set in his ways, Ex RAF kind of guy) to start taking them too and you have no idea how much emotion and pride it brings to the surface with me when I receive texts like this…. 

I mean, this is my dad she's talking about! 

What Eureka does improve his life & postponed a knee replacement! 

As a son, is there anything that could make you happier?! 

(Please excuse the fact she writes text messages like letters... I have raised it with her several times... it's not going to change :) ) 

I mean, I literally get a little emotional knowing that what Eureka does has made a difference to somebody.

No matter what, everything I ask Eureka to do has gone through what I call my “Grandma test” where I ask myself two questions 

 1.) Would I tell my Grandma about it 


 2.) Would she be proud of me for doing it. 

If my brain comes back and either of the answers are no then we don’t do it... It's simple, but it works!

I know that all the skeptics will call out this rant as "Unacceptable" or "Unprofessional" and whilst I empathise with them, I don't agree. I appreciate that rolling out my mother is not the most credible of witnesses but you know what, that’s okay because haters gonna hate and I know the truth.

  • I know it's true that before taking our turmeric capsules for a month my mother struggled to do her knitting or sewing because her fingers hurt too much. 
  • I know it’s true that when I spoke with her the other evening she said that her GP was amazed at her flexibility at 75 years old.
  • I know that she also said that she had noticed now that she could put pressure on to her fingertips without all of her knuckles causing a stabbing pain.
  • I know it's true that the only photoshop done on the images used in this post are to hide the personal details of people involved /non-relevant information.
  • I know that I give away a crapload of products like Neuronal to employees, friends, and family because it works for them.
  • I know that my aunts have also seen benefit from our turmeric supplements too.. and I'm super proud that I could help them.

But I also know that Eureka is in an industry where if someone doesn’t believe in our type of products then as far as they are concerned we are snake oil salesmen / idiots / scam artists… and you know what, that opinion is also ok… 

I empathise with their position but please don’t expect me to agree with them when I know that for some people (whether it is a placebo effect or not) they get great benefit from what we sell.

If, after reading this you still insist that Eureka MUST agree with your point of view then quite frankly you can do one because i'm not going to ignore all of the people that love Eureka just because you don't happen to agree with what we do