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5% Nutrition - Crea-TEN Lemon Lime - 231g


Learn More About 5% Nutrition - Crea-TEN Lemon Lime - 231g

- BLOOD SUGAR LOADING- TRANSPORT AND SHUTTLE- CREATINE UPTAKE & DELIVERY- CELL VOLUMIZATION- MUSCLE ENERGY- EXPLOSIVE STYLE POWER- HANDLE HEAVIER WEIGHT- ATTAIN EXTRA MUSCLE BUILDING REPSNo product in the bodybuilding supplement market has been more proven to work than Creatine. Creatine has been used for so many years, but now with todayÕs technology, itÕs a matter of WHAT TYPE of creatines and the combination there of, and how to better get creatine into your muscles.How about thisÉÉKey Ingredients BREAKDOWN:LetÕs throw in 10 of the best types of creatines on the market and add transporters to expedite the creatines to your muscles!!!Rich PianaÕs philosophy is that if you are gonnaÕ do it- letÕs do it right!Creatine can convert to creatinine in your body and go unused and wasted coupled with unwanted side effects. Creatine Monohydrate still has its place, but you need creatines that bypass this conversion and have a better chance at being used by your muscles along with Creatine Monohydrate.10 Different Types of Creatine means you now have 10 avenues or pathways to get creatine to your muscles. Why have 1 when you can have 10!!!If you are looking to truly harness and capitalize the amazing benefits of creatine that best way you possibly can, Crea-TEN is the obvious, smart, and only choice.Not only does Crea-TEN have 10 different types of creatine in it, Crea-TEN also has 8 different ingredients in it specifically as added extra assistance to ensure your muscles can successfully uptake the creatine into your muscle. These ingredients are transporters and ingredients that greatly increase your bodyÕs ability to soak up creatine deep into the muscles.DonÕt miss out on muscle energy, explosive style power, extra reps, heavier weight, cell volumization, and muscle energy by taking anything but the best- Crea-TEN.