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900mg High Strength Grapefruit Pectin Fibre Capsules


900mg of Grapefruit Pectin Fibre in each serving

Easy to swallow capsule form

There have been a number of published studies around Grapefruit

What Is Grapefruit Pectin Fibre?

Apart from their fresh flavours and vivid colours, fresh fruits play an important dietary role as a source of fibre.

In some fruits, such as grapefruit, much of the fibre is in the form of pectin. Grapefruit pectin is often extracted from the fruit after it's been processed for other purposes, and the pectin is then sold for food use or as a food supplement.

Should I take a Grapefruit Pectin Fibre Supplement?

Grapefruit Pectin Fibre Supplements are ideal for customers who are looking for a simple way to get the essence of Grapefruit Pectin Fibre in a quick and convenient way.

Our Grapefruit Pectin Fibre supplement is one of the highest quality Grapefruit Pectin Capsules in the UK and has been designed by a team of experts at Eureka Supplements.

Eureka Supplements products are exclusively formulated by an expert team of nutritionists and manufactured by fully trained staff with decades of experience. Eureka Supplements uses the best facilities and latest technology to create products with unprecedented levels of accuracy and efficiency, sealing all pots to maintain freshness. All of Eureka Supplements products are manufactured in the UK and are GMP approved.

Is this the best Grapefruit Pectin Fibre?

Our Grapefruit Pectin Capsules contain 300mg of water soluble fibre from the rind membranes of juice sacs of grapefruit. There have been a number of published studies around Grapefruit. Three capsules will provide on average 900mg of Grapefruit Pectin Fibre.

We at Eureka Supplements are proud to say that our Grapefruit Pectin Capsules contain only the finest, Grapefruit Pectin Fibre extract from the best suppliers in the industry. We take extreme caution through all stages of manufacturing in an effort to create the incredible purity and quality that we believe our customers deserve.

Eureka Supplements try to minimise the use of binding agents as much as possible during the manufacturing process so that more natural extract can be used in our Grapefruit Pectin Supplements.

Nutritional Information
Important Information

Take three capsules a day with food. It is recommended that weight management products are taken as part of a calorie controlled meal plan. Do not exceed the recommended daily consumption.

Please consult with your Healthcare Professional if you are pregnant, lactating or if you are taking any other medication.

Not to be used as a substitute for a varied balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

Keep out of the reach and sight of children.

Store in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight.


Additional Information

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