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BSN - Syntha-6 Strawberry Cream Swirl - 2260g


Learn More About BSN - Syntha-6 Strawberry Cream Swirl - 2260g

- Improved macronutrient profile; High Protein 24g per serving, Low sugar,- Edge on taste Ð Great real milkshake-like taste and texture in a fantastic range of flavours,- Use Anytime Day or Night,- Multi-Functional Ultra-Premium Protein Matrix.Syntha-6 Edge is a synthesis of premium proteins, producing a protein-packed shake that gives your muscles the protein they need. With multiple game-changing flavours to choose from, the milkshake-like experience of Syntha-6 Edge will have you convinced itÕs your cheat day. Help grow your muscles and reward your taste buds with Syntha-6 Edge.