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Cellucor - CLK Stimulant Free Fat Loss - 60 softgels


Learn More About Cellucor - CLK Stimulant Free Fat Loss - 60 softgels

CLK is a non-stimulant weight loss support aid that features dosages of three of what could be the most highly regarded, highly publicized and highly effective ingredients on the market today; CLA (Conjugated linoleic acid), Raspberry Ketones and Carnitine. In addition, CLK features an innovative softgel delivery system enhanced with a sweet raspberry flavour. - Breakthrough toning and sculpting formula- Stimulant free- CarnitineCarnitine is an amino acid that enhances fat metabolism by expediting fatty acid transport into the cells where they are burned to product energy. Carnitine promotes muscular growth and development, helps diminish muscle fatigue and helps support a healthy appetite level.- CLACLA, or conjugated linoleic acid, is a naturally occurring fatty acid found in meat and certain dairy sources. CLA is a clinically studied weight loss aid that helps your body burn more calories and supports the way your body utilizes the food you eat.In a 2007 meta-analysis, CLA demonstrated significant support for healthy body composition, resulting in a reduction in total body fat and an increase in lean body mass at the CLK (recommended dose) of 3.2 g / day.CLA has multiple other health benefits including anti-catabolic, antioxidant and recovery/immune system supporting benefits.- Raspberry KetonesRaspberry Ketone is the primary compound responsible for a raspberry's sweet smell. It is one of the most expensive ingredients on the market as 1 kilo or raspberries contains less than 2 mg of the compound!Raspberry ketone supports natural energy and metabolism and support fat loss by enabling fatty acids to be more readily burned.