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Cobra Labs - The Curse Watermelon - 250g


Learn More About Cobra Labs - The Curse Watermelon - 250g

THE ULTIMATE PRE WORKOUT - INSANE ENERGY- EXTREME MENTAL FOCUS- HUGE MUSCLE PUMPSÊ- GREAT TASTING The Curse is one of the most powerful and mind blowing pre workout energy products on the planet today. You really do have to try this stuff to truly appreciate just how good it is...1 or 2 scoops in 4-8 ounces of water and BOOM... 30 minutes later all you'll want to do is hit the gym and tear it to pieces. Intense mental focus, massive increase in energy and a mad aggressive desire to push yourself past the limits of normal human endurance. Nothing will stand in your way, the weights will crumble around you. You've tried the rest so now try the best...The Curse...Unleash Hell !!