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Core-X Fitness - Leather Weightlifting Belt - X-Large


Learn More About Core-X Fitness - Leather Weightlifting Belt - X-Large

Meant to be a supporter for heavy deadlifts, squats etc., the CoreX Fitness Leather Weightlifting Belt is widely used to assist in reaching those personal bests. This belt is 4 inches wide from the front and is easy to wear. It provides maximum support to your waist and safeguards you from any serious injury or mishaps. A double buckle closure keeps you stress free in your weightlifting sessions.Provide StabilityThis weightlifting belt facilitates in alleviating pressure to your stomach and lower back, hence, avoid injuries to this area. It aids to stabilize the rachis by passing on the pressure to the anterior. While performing, the belt works well as a protective cover for your abs. To provide you an easy lifting flow, these belts make your torso stiffer, so that, you will achieve better transmission of force and can make a firm base for overhead lifts.Solid Leather MakeThe premium quality leather and suede construction offers strength and durability to the belt. It can hold the maximum amount of weight conveniently without any stretching and cracking.Features:- Maximize your workouts,- High quality leather and suede construction,- Provide support to the spinal column.