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Douglas Laboratories - Osteo-Guard Plus Ipriflavone - 120 caps


Learn More About Douglas Laboratories - Osteo-Guard Plus Ipriflavone - 120 caps

You're not over the hill - you're just getting started! You've got a lot of life to live and nothing is going to hold you back - especially not poor bone health. Guard your bones from degradation and stay on the move with Osteo-Guard Plus Ipriflavone from Douglas Labs. Osteo-Guard Plus Ipriflavone is a bone support supplement that contains vital nutrients like calcium, magnesium and ipriflavone to help maintain bone health. Everyone knows calcium is essential for healthy bones, but it needs the help of other nutrients. Osteo-Guard Plus Ipriflavone makes sure you get them all, and in the best forms possible. Made with calcium from microcrystalline calcium hydroxyapatite compound prepared from whole bone, this supplement also contains magnesium from a patented, nutritionally functional amino acid chelate with superb bioavailability to support optimal calcium absorption. And it contains supportive amounts of vitamins K and D as well as phosphorus and boron. For extra support in the fight against bone loss, this supplement contains ipriflavone, a flavonoid isofavone that may support the effects of estrogen and its ability to protect bone integrity. Protect and nourish your bones for a body that keeps up with your lifestyle. Order Osteo-Guard Plus Ipriflavone.