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EVLution Nutrition - EVL Drawstring Bag - Black


Learn More About EVLution Nutrition - EVL Drawstring Bag - Black

Science Based Natural Testosterone Support Complex!Designed To Support Natural Testosterone Levels, Muscular Strength And Stamina! D-ASPARTIC ACID (3,120mg)Designed to provide important 3.12 gram level. FENUGREEK (500mg)High purity source containing 50% level of furostanic saponins. MACA ROOT (500MG)Sourced from the roots of the Maca plant grown mainly in high altitude regions of Peru. RESVERATROL (100MG)Resveratrol is part of a group of compounds called polyphenols primarily sourced from red grapes and the roots of Japanese knotweed. BIOPERINE (5MG)Bioerine is a standardized extract from the fruit of Piper nigrum (black pepper) that consists of 95 percent piperine. VITAMIN DIs not actually a vitamin but a hormone that contributes to the normal function of the immune system. ZINCIs an important antioxidant that contributes to the maintenance of normal testosterone levels in the blood. MAGNESIUM ACETATEAn absorbable form of Magnesium that contributes to a reduction of tiredness and fatigue. VITAMIN B6Vitamin B6 contributes to normal energy-yielding metabolism.