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Garden of Life - FYI Restore - 60 caps


Learn More About Garden of Life - FYI Restore - 60 caps

FYI Joint & Tissue FoodFYI is a unique joint and tissue food. Taken as 3 caplets per day on an empty stomach, it delivers chicken collagen along with a botanical blend, a phytonutrient blend, Syrian Oregano and a systemic enzyme blend including bromelain and proteases, and is designed to support normal joint function and mobility and to support healthy metabolism in connective tissue. FYI contains chicken collagen, proteolytic enzymes and turmericÑfood for joints and tissues. FYI also contains:- Systemic Enzyme BlendÑa combination of protein-digesting enzymes able to function in a wide range of pH environments.- Protease BlendÑa combination of proteolytic enzymes shown to work systemically.- BromelainÑa powerful protein-digesting enzyme from pineapple.- PapainÑprotein-digesting enzyme from papaya. For additional joint and tissue support, FYI contains:- lipase (a potent fat-digesting enzyme).- amylase (a starch-digesting enzyme).- cellulase (an enzyme that breaks down plant fiber).- Syrian oregano with antioxidant compounds and essential oils.- Cat's Claw, a traditional Peruvian herb to support the body's ability to fight off free radicals.- turmeric root, an antioxidant shown to support normal joint function.- young leaves of Rhododenron caucasium, traditionally used as tea that contains a unique form of highly available polyphenolic antioxidants. FYI Joint & Tissue Food Benefits- Is joint and tissue food- Contains chicken collagen- Helps maintain normal joint function and mobility- Supports healthy metabolism in connective tissue FYIÑfood for joints and tissues, containing chicken collagen, proteolytic enzymes, turmeric and other specially selected joint-supporting ingredients.