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Grenade - .50 Calibre Lemon Raid - 232g


Learn More About Grenade - .50 Calibre Lemon Raid - 232g

PRE-WORKOUT DEVASTATORHard hitting, designed to make every workout an explosive, energy fuelled assault. EXPLOSIVE ENERGYFormulated by R&D experts, .50 Calibre contains over 20 university studied ingredients in industry leading dosages. SCIENCE STUFFContains large dosages of Citrulline Malate (the most proven NO-boosting amino acid), high nitrate Beta Vulgaris, high-dose, flavanol-rich Theobroma Cacao and numerous other effective ingredients that support muscular blood flow. Of course, no Pre Workout product would be complete without beta alanine, caffeine and creatine, as they are backed by thousands of scientific studies in exercise performance. Additionally, bicarbonate electrolytes are added to resist the energy-sapping effects of lactic acid (lactate) and BCAAs are added for anti-catabolic support. CHOOSE YOUR FLAVOURLemon Raid, Killa Cola & Berry Blast USE, DON'T ABUSEMix 1 serving (half scoop - 11.6g) with 150 to 250mL of cold water and stir or shake. Consume approximately 30 minutes before training. DO NOT exceed one scoop per day. DO NOT use on an empty stomach. DO NOT consume within 4 hours of intended sleep.