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Grenade - Carb Killa White Chocolate Mocha - 12 bars


Learn More About Grenade - Carb Killa White Chocolate Mocha - 12 bars

PROTEIN PACKED SNACKAt home or 'on the go', Carb Killa Bars are the ultimate indulgent, guilt-free treat. An ideal chocolate bar alternative, Carb Killa Bars are packed with up to 23 grams of protein. KEEP IT LOWContaining less than 2g sugar per bar, Carb Killa Bars are ideal for those looking to cut down on sugar. Containing low impact carbs to ensure your blood sugar levels stay balanced, these tasty treats are a must-have for all looking to up their protein, without compromising on taste and enjoyment. WE'RE NUMBER ONEAs the UK's best selling protein bar, Carb Killa Bars come in 11 delicious flavours. Choose from White Chocolate Cookie or Dark Chocolate Mint, Peanut Nutter or Cookie Dough, Caramel Chaos or Banana Armour, it's a tough choice. EAT MECan be eaten any time of the day - from a delicious snack between meals, to a post workout treat that is high in protein and low in sugar. Its chocolate coating and thick caramel layer mean it's perfect to keep those chocolate cravings under control. ALL ABOUT BALANCENot to be used as a substitute for a balanced diet. Stick to 2 bars per day max (its hard we know!)