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Neubria - Edge - 60 caps


Learn More About Neubria - Edge - 60 caps

Why Choose Neubria Spark? Neubria Spark is expertly-tailored to help maintain your memory as you grow older, supporting better word recall and improving your general mental performance.The premium ingredients included in Neubria Spark have been carefully selected on the basis of extensive scientific research. Who is Neubria Spark designed for? Our development team has designed Neubria Spark for anyone who wishes to protect their long-term memory, recall and mental performance. Your memory is precious, so our carefully balanced ingredients will help you make sure you can find words quicker and reduce the impact of age-related cognitive decline. What makes Neubria Spark unique? Neubria Spark contains our unique Clarity Botanical Complex - a blend of six natural botanical ingredients carefully chosen for their effects on cognitive function, in particular your memory.With ingredients ranging from Bacopa Monniera and Turmeric Extract to Ginkgo Biloba and Sage Leaf Extract, each component has been carefully chosen based on credible scientific research that demonstrates a positive impact on the mind. In addition to this, Spark contains Cognizin, which supports mental energy, focus and attention and Co-Enzyme Q10, an antioxidant that fuels your cells' mitochondria for much-needed brain power. It's also packed with 22 essential vitamins and minerals. How do I achieve the best results? We advise that you take 2 capsules daily and follow the memory boosting tips in our FREE Memory Guide included with your capsules. Some customers will notice a difference within a month but we do advise that the longer you take it, the brighter you will feel.