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Neubria - Krill - 60 caps


Learn More About Neubria - Krill - 60 caps

Why Choose Neubria Krill? Neubria Krill is a superior source of Omega-3, designed to deliver EPA and DHA that are both proven to support brain, heart and vision health. Who is Neubria Krill designed for? Neubria Krill should be taken by anybody who doesn't consume fish at least twice a week. If fish fails to make a regular appearance on your weekly menu, it is likely that your body's EPA and DHA levels are lower than they should be. Our bodies utilise Omega-3s, EPA and DHA 121% higher from krill oil than from standard fish oil, so if you need a top up, Neubria Krill is the ideal answer. What differentiates Neubria Krill from other products on the market? Neubria's Krill supplements are especially clean and pure, being sourced from Antarctic krill which reside in the ocean's cleanest waters. There are lots of krill oil products on the market but we worked hard to find a version that was higher in Choline - the essential nutrient we all need for proper mental function. Or, in other words, increased brainpower. As well as an increased level of Choline, Neubria Krill has a number of other great benefits - it comes in a small, easy to swallow soft gel, has no odour or nasty aftertaste and you won't experience any unpleasant fishy burps. How do I achieve the best results? We advise that you take 2 capsules daily, and in just 30 days there will be a significant improvement in your body's omega 3 levels. We strongly recommend the continual use of this exceptional krill oil. The Neubria Quality Promise Neubria Krill is harvested with Norwegian fishing tradition solely from clean and pure Antarctic Krill and as such comes with guaranteed Norwegian quality. It is a naturally non-GMO product and is 100% traceable back to the exact position where the krill was harvested.