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Nutrend - Glutamine Mega Strong Watermelon - 500g


Learn More About Nutrend - Glutamine Mega Strong Watermelon - 500g

This superior product contains an extraordinary combination of active substances in instant form. The main component of the product is the amino acid L-glutamine, combined with the essential amino acid L-leucine and branded extract of black pepper (Bioperine) containing 95% piperine. The product contains a high level of the amino acid L-arginine. Amino acids are the building blocks of each protein. The intake of quality protein, together with an optimal range of amino acids, contributes to muscle growth. During intensive physical activity, there is a loss of individual amino acids, along with other important substances. A sufficient intake of protein ensures nitrogen balance and in connection with this also the recovery of skeletal muscles and muscle growth. The amino acids L-arginine and L-glutamine are important carriers of nitrogen. On the contrary, L-leucine is an essential amino acid that the body must receive through the diet because the body does not enable its synthesis.5500 mg L-glutamine per serving1500 mg L-leucine per serving1100 mg L arginine per servingno artificial colouringswithout sugar