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Olimp Nutrition - Protein Bar Coffee Delight - 12 bars


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High in protein, high in fibre and, what is worth noting, low in sugar. These are the key features of the new, sweet and light Olimp Protein Bar - a protein snack you won't be able to resist and which will prove itself worthy as a substitute for a meal in your diet. Olimp Protein Bar - a snack you can eat with a clear conscience Surely on more than one occasion you have experienced a situation when, due to unforeseen circumstances, you had to eat something in a hurry or did not have time to prepare an optimal, balanced and nutritious meal. At such times we often decide to eat whatever we have at hand or we fight hunger, which has a destructive effect on the body, not to mention keeping a diet. In order to prevent this, it is advisable to use protein bars in a "crisis" situation. Recently, they have become very popular as they are an excellent and, above all, convenient snack for active people and professional athletes. Protein bars are an excellent source of protein, they also provide a large dose of calories and the energy you need. This is the very purpose for which the Olimp Protein Bar was created - the perfect snack for any activity and one you can eat with a clear conscience when hunger attacks. It is also a safe reward for the effort put into hard workouts. Olimp Protein Bar - lots of protein, little sugar What is characteristic of the protein bar produced by Olimp is, above all, its high protein content (20g per portion), which is a key building block for your muscles. It contributes to the increase of muscle mass and helps to maintain it. Importantly, the Olimp Protein Bar contains only 2g of sugar, which should be limited in a daily diet. Compared to competing protein bars, it has more than a half lower content of polyols (the less of them there are, the lower the risk of gastric problems). This handy source of protein is available in 3 sensational flavours with a high content of valuable fibre, holding the appetite in check. Try it and you won't be able to resist the chocolate-covered, crispy and high-protein snack!