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Optimum Nutrition - Essential Amino Energy Pineapple - 270g


Learn More About Optimum Nutrition - Essential Amino Energy Pineapple - 270g

BETTER FOR YOU ANYTIME ENERGYWith Essential Amin.o. Energy You can tap into Amino Energy any time of the day. It's ideal in the morning when you're planning to attack the day; use it as an alternative to your morning coffee. It's also great instead of a fizzy drink with your lunch, or as an afternoon booster. Or if you're studying or working late, this is the perfect product to help improve your focus and concentration, so you get through your work load fast and efficiently. One serving of Amino Energy increases energy and alertness with 100 mg of caffeine from natural sources and a burst of flavour you'll look forward to mixing into cold water anytime.Take a 30-serving tub along to the gym or your office - wherever your busy day takes you. 5 g Amino Acids per 9 g serving100 mg of Caffeine24 mg of Vitamin CAnytime EnergyImproved Focus