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PhD - Synergy ISO-7 Vanilla - 2000g


Learn More About PhD - Synergy ISO-7 Vanilla - 2000g

What is PhD Synergy-ISO-7Synergy ISO-7 is a lean, all in one, post workout shake. All in one refers to Synergy ISO-7 being able to offer a multitude of benefits from an array of ingredients within one shake. You're spoilt for choice with the flavour options for Synergy ISO-7; Double Chocolate, Banana, Vanilla Cr�me, Strawberry Delight, Chocolate Peanut, Chocolate Mint and Chocolate Orange. Synergy ISO-7 is also suitable for Vegetarians. Who is Synergy-ISO-7 for?Synergy ISO-7 has been proven to be very popular with individuals and athletes after spells of intense physical activity that want to recover optimally & maintain a lean physique. Although Growth Factor Mass is also an all in one, post workout shake; Growth Factor Mass targets the hard gainer, whereas the Synergy ISO-7 user isn't particularly looking to add mass, but looking to maintain a lean physique and maybe add a small amount of lean, quality muscle tissue. Synergy ISO-7 contains 242 calories whereas Growth Factor Mass contains 555 calories. The Benefits of PhD Synergy ISO-7As Synergy ISO-7 is an all in one, it contains a range of different ingredients which offer a variety of benefits. Firstly, as Synergy ISO-7 packs 40g of protein, it ticks the box on that front. Combine this with its 17g of carbohydrates which derive from a blend of High and Low GI carbs it offers the perfect balance of instantaneous and sustained carbohydrate release for optimal recovery. Furthermore, Synergy ISO-7 delivers a potent mix of Creatine, Peptide bonded Leucine, Zinc along with a rich amino acid profile to name a few covering all angles for recovery and nutrient replenishment. When to use Synergy ISO-7Synergy ISO-7 should be used post workout after intense spells of exercise. Aim to consume within 30 minutes after sport or the workout for optimal usage. We recommend consuming with water for faster rate of absorption however you can also consume with milk.