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Swanson - Chlorella Powder 100% Organic - 90g


Learn More About Swanson - Chlorella Powder 100% Organic - 90g

Certified organic chlorella means purity you can trustDelivers the amazing nutritional powerhouse of broken cell wall chlorellaOffers 1,000 mg organic chlorella per servingThose who rely on the amazing nutritional powerhouse that is chlorella know how important purity can be. This single-celled microalgae requires great care to produce a safe and wholesome supplement. Our Certified Organic Chlorella delivers with organic purity guaranteed. Like our other high-quality chlorella products, the cell wall is broken to ensure release of all important nutrients, including 11 mg of chlorophyll per serving. Rest assured, we stand behind the quality of all Swanson chlorella products, but for the growing number of customers making the conscious choice to seek out and support organic foods, we're pleased to offer this new alternative.