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Swanson - Chromax 2000 Chromium Picolinate 2000mcg - 60 vcaps


Learn More About Swanson - Chromax 2000 Chromium Picolinate 2000mcg - 60 vcaps

Chromax 2000 delivers chromium picolinate for your brain healthGround-breaking research shows support for memory, cognitive function and overall mental acuityOur highest-potency chromium supplement everSwanson Ultra Chromax 2000 delivers all the traditional benefits of chromiumÑsupport for insulin function, physical fitness and general metabolic wellnessÑin one daily capsule. Plus, new research is showing how chromium may also deliver important benefits for brain health. Thanks to advances in medical imaging, scientists were able to clearly show that chromium supplementation may help activate specific regions of your brain that are involved in memory and cognitive function. Now you can take advantage of chromium's full spectrum of support with our highest-potency chromium supplement ever. Chromax 2000 could be the most important addition you can make to complete your daily nutritional supplement regimen. Protect your brain health and mental power with this clinically validated, cost-effective approach to continued mental wellness.