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Swanson - EndoPro Endothelial Support Formula 500mg - 30 vcaps


Learn More About Swanson - EndoPro Endothelial Support Formula 500mg - 30 vcaps

Supports cardiovascular health and circulationMade with Cordiart from sweet orange peelsLow daily dose of 500 mgSuperior bioavailability Our new Swanson Ultra EndoPro Endothelial Support Formula features Cordiart, a pharmaceutical-grade, purified flavonoid glycoside extracted from sweet orange peels that promotes nitric oxide (NO) production by the endothelium, which in turn sends a signal to the smooth muscles to relax and support healthy circulation. Supports endothelial function. With unprecedented potency and bioavailability and clinically demonstrated efficacy, EndoPro Endothelial Support Formula gives you a safe, effective way to promote your body's nitric oxide production and optimize endothelial function. This makes it an excellent supplement for daily cardiovascular maintenance and for promoting healthy circulation throughout the body.