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Swanson - EPICOR 500mg - 30 caps


Learn More About Swanson - EPICOR 500mg - 30 caps

Delivers high-metabolite immunogens to nourish the immune systemOffers a prebiotic benefit to support digestive healthSupports relief of occasional gastrointestinal discomfortSwanson EpiCor is a different kind of supplement. A supplement that nearly defies classification with its distinctive, broad- spectrum activity. It's produced through a proprietary multi-stage fermentation process called MetaGen4 using nutritional yeast. This process activates the development of high- metabolite immunogens that feed and nourish the body's immune system to strengthen resistance and maintain wellness. Extensive research into the core characterization and safety of this remarkable activated yeast substance supports its daily use as a novel supplement for health maintenance. It's immuno-amazing!