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Swanson - KoACT Calcium Collagen Chelate - 120 caps


Learn More About Swanson - KoACT Calcium Collagen Chelate - 120 caps

KoACT Patented Calcium Collagen ChelateDual-action formula promotes both bone density and bone strength1.5 grams of calcium collagen chelate per servingWe all know the importance of calcium in maintaining bone health. But that's only part of the story. About 25 percent of bone structure is collagen. It contributes to bone strength by lending a certain amount of flexibility to the rigid structure, allowing bone to "give" a little under pressure like trees swaying under the pressure of high winds. Revolutionary Swanson KoACT unites calcium with collagen in a patented calcium collagen chelateÑa complex shown to be more effective than either collagen or calcium alone. Simple combination products don't measure up. Our new KoACT has the power to support bone strength and bone density with its calcium collegen chelate.