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Swanson - MaquiBright 60mg - 30 vcaps


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Enhances your eyes' tear productionPerfect for individuals with eye drynessSoothes eyes and promotes eye healthDid you know that people all over the world utilize maqui berry for dry eyes? Our standardized maqui berry extract, Swanson Ultra MaquiBright, has been clinically studied for its ability to safely promote tear fluid production. A purple berry that grows in abundance throughout Chile and Argentina, the maqui berry is one of the worlds most concentrated sources of antioxidant anthocyanins, known as delphinidins, which have specific benefits for eye health. If you're frequently troubled by eye dryness, MaquiBright can protect against the stress that leads to dryness and enhances your eyes' tear production with safe, soothing relief. As an added bonus, maqui berry is rich in essential nutrients and promotes metabolic and digestive health.