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Swanson - Spearmint Phenolic Complex with Neumentix 450mg - 60 vcaps


Learn More About Swanson - Spearmint Phenolic Complex with Neumentix 450mg - 60 vcaps

Herbal "fuel for thought" formulaSupports cognitive performanceImproves working memory and sleepRevitalize your mind to sharpen your memory and cognitive performance with the herbal energizing power of Swanson Ultra Spearmint Phenolic Complex with Neumentix. A major breakthrough in cognitive support, Neumentix is a proprietary spearmint phenolic complex that has been shown to help improve sleep, enhance working memory and boost cognitive performance in adults. Neumentix is derived from select lines of non-GMO spearmint specially developed to produce high levels of rosmarinic acid and other water-soluble phenolic compounds with important benefits for human health. The spearmint is quick-dried immediately after harvest using state-of-the-art dehydration technology to preserve its full phenolic profile. The mint is then processed through specialized water-based extraction techniques to produce a concentrated phenolic complex with standardized levels of total phenolics and rosmarinic acid, the constituents believed to be most beneficial for cognitive support. Whether you're looking to boost your brain power or just trying to get a better night's sleep, Swanson Ultra Spearmint Phenolic Complex gives you safe, proven support with purity and potency you can count on every time.