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Twinlab - REAAL T-Shirt Grey - Large


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Clinically demonstrated superior to build and restore muscle3X more effective than Whey Protein and 32X more effective than BCAAsSupported by 24 human clinical studies and nearly 40 years of researchFaster absorption rate and more complete bioavailability as compared to typical dietary proteinOnly 20 calories per servingConcentrated 'bloat free' formulaVeganGluten FreeKosherLactose freeLow sodium, carbs and caloriesDye/colorant freeCaffeine free WHAT IS REAAL?For years, some nutrition companies unknowingly delivered less-than-100%. Or, what they delivered was less-than-ideal. Someone needed to step in and formulate a ratio-perfect essential amino acid supplement that focused on optimal muscle recovery from exercise. The patented composition and ratios of EAAs we call REAAL9 has set a new standard for muscle recovery. We are not trying to bash Whey Protein and BCAAs, but they simply are not as effective as the EAAs found in REAAL. WHO SHOULD USE REAAL?Got a pulse? Then chances are, you need REAAL. Kidding aside, muscle maintenance and recovery are important for everyone who exercises. Hardcore athletes benefit from a ratio-perfect essential amino acid formula. So do busy types who don't hit the gym every day but still work out. Even if your "playtime" only happens on the weekends, you can't neglect your muscles. As people grow older, maintaining strength helps them stay active longer. The importance of EAAs and overall muscle health in our bodies cannot be understated. Many sports nutrition companies seem to think that building or maintaining muscle is the domain of bodybuilders or fitness competitors. Nothing could be further from the truth. REAAL provides the optimal ratio of essential amino acids to support muscle recovery for peak performance. If you've never thought of yourself as a "gym rat," that's cool. REAAL still delivers. If you are a "gym rat," then how come you haven't ordered this product by now? WHY IS THIS FORMULA PATENTED?When an EAA formulation can deliver on its promises and help anyone at any fitness level, copycats are bound to jump on the bandwagon. That's exactly why REAAL uses the patented REAAL9 technology. No other EAA supplement on the market can claim they use the exact ratio of EAAs that REAAL uses.