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Universal Nutrition - Amino Octane Mango Peach - 66g


Learn More About Universal Nutrition - Amino Octane Mango Peach - 66g

- 100% Natural SupplementÊ- Precision engineered amino formulaÊ- Peptide-bonded & free form formulaÊ- Contains no added L-TryptophanÊ- Amino 1000 Professional Strength AminosÊAmino 1000 contains the highest quality peptide-bonded amino acids sourced from premium hydrolyzed whey. It contains all three branched-chain aminos (L-leucine, L-isoleucine and L-valine) and is also enriched with additional free-form aminos, including L-ornithine. Available in capsules, this professional-strength formula is designed for maximum absorption. Amino 1000 is vital to the retention of nitrogen in hhghhhhthe body. A positive nitrogen balance helps your muscles recover faster from intense training.